Project Details

Private residential
Somerset, UK
Completion date

Project Description

A listed 18th century farmhouse and holiday properties this landscape design presents two distinct faces. The public frontage reflects the vernacular style with natural stone, a Somerset apple orchard and retention pond to manage the fluctuating water levels from the natural springs. In keeping with the new architect designed extension to the rear the private family spaces give a contemporary feel. Integrated into the design are expanses of billowing ornamental grasses and corrugated steel, reminiscent of fields of wheat and farm buildings, strengthening its sense of place.

Spring water is directed along metal rills, enlivening the spaces with sound, and outdoor kitchen and dining areas provide entertaining spaces for this young family. Overlooking impressive countryside views, paved terraces lead to a swimming pool – a bespoke metal screen providing both private and shared use. Informal child-friendly lawns merge with meadows bounded by a ha-ha, visually integrating the garden with the countryside beyond.